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Shutters & Venetians

Plantation Shutters offer timeless appeal and practical functionality.

Easy to maintain and keep clean, shutters also offer great air flow during the warmer months without the night time distractions of suction and banging from evening breezes.

Privacy can be controlled at the lower level whilst still allowing view and light through the upper level of blades.

Built to last, shutters can be manufactured to suit many different shapes and sizes of windows ranging from contemporary to period styles.

We offer various material options to suit all rooms of the house including external aluminum shutters to weather the toughest of conditions.

Affordable and practical blinds, Venetians offer a two in one solution. Controlling privacy during the day by titling the blades to the desired angle and total privacy at night but shutting the blades down. They can be retracted when not required and come in many different materials from Aluminum to timber as well as man-made materials.

Images 1-2 courtesy of Austin Design Associates 

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